Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obsessed with Bright Yellow Fabric

I went to NYC with a few girlfriends of mine in August to see Wicked. We had such a fun time. My cheeks and stomach hurt for a month from laughing so much that weekend.

One of my FAVORITE things to do in NYC is to walk through the fashion district and see all the beautiful fabric! Of course it waaaaaay cheaper to get fabric there than any where around here. So I bought some really cute red fabric for Christmas but what I REALLY wanted to get was some yellow fabric. I just couldn't rationalize buying yellow fabric then.

I found some absolutely lovely bright yellow fabric. I tried to rationalize buying this somewhat expensive fabric - maybe I can use it for my (not even engaged) sister's possible future wedding/shower. Maybe I can do a yellow Christmas this year. Maybe I'll decorate with it in the spring.
(This picture above is the closest thing I can show you that what the yellow fabric looked like) http://www.zgallerie.com/p-8891-diller-pillow-peacock.aspx

I didn't end up getting it but OF COURSE now I need it for a baby shower! And I'm not taking a 3 hour bus ride there and a 3 hour bus ride back just to get it. So I settled for some other yellow fabric. Here it is below. Not as lovely as the one in NYC but it's sheer and looks brighter in person. I'm still pretty excited about using as a table runner. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DIY - Headboard

I made this quite a while ago now and I really thought I had before pictures of us making this, however they are no where to be found. Oh well!

My whole family pretty much helped to make this headboard from scratch. We bought some fabric, buttons, MDF board, foam, and batting. I used the instructions from {BeJane.com} which was VERY helpful!

Here is the end result...

It's hard to use fabric with lines on it because you have to make sure they are straight and that determines where you can put the buttons.

My dad insisted on using MDF - it's very heavy now! But we love it and I don't think it will be very hard to re-cover if I want to change our bedspread.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Laundry Room

After reading this post from {Remodelaholic.com} I was inspired to re-do my laundry room. The Rodden Family made over their laundry room and I thought it looked great. I never thought to organize and paint it before seeing this post. So thanks for the idea! Love it!

After: (yay!)

Before: (hot mess)

Took down the old shelves and painted it a light blue/gray...

Thank goodness my husband is handy and can put up this shelving (it came white which saved us a step)...

Scrapbook paper I turned into a stencil - The Rodden Family used wrapping paper, which I might go back and try. It's the holiday's y'all and I'm tired... one thing at a time!

The after - very subtle...
The mess my paper stencil made...

The hard work and mess on my hands! Don't wear your wedding rings while painting! I'm a dummy! (and yes those are my real nails, they do grow ridiculously fast)

YAY! I love that I can have Granny's silver out to see and the other girly things my husband doesn't want out!

Linky Parties! Check them out! :)


Craft Couture

Sheet Music Wreath

Hey y'all - so here's another wreath I made after checking out this paper wreath on {dykast.us} blog. It has a great tutorial for how to make it with old book pages. I thought I would try it with some Christmas sheet music. I also added in a few colorful strips of paper.

Super simple and cost me next to nothing to make!

Here's how it turned out:

I didn't have vintage Christmas sheet music, so I Googled and found some then I dyed it with tea...Printed some colorful Christmas-y images...

Cut them into strips then curled them like ribbon (check out {dykast.us} for helpful tips)... and beware of paper cuts!Used some Tacky Glue to attach it to my $1 frame...

I love that I can still see the women and their winter wardrobes...

Made a bow out of red velvet ribbon. I got a whole roll for $.50!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fabric Wreath

A while back I hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law I saw so many cute wreaths on Etsy.com I decided to make one myself out of some pink fabric I had and a wire coat hanger. I formed the coat hanger into a circle then just cut strips of fabric and tied them in knots. I thought it came out really cute. Then I hung an ornament in the middle with her new initial for her to keep (don't have a picture of it w/ the ornament! Shucks!).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Roaring 20's

Another cute party I threw right after my Girls Night party was my mom's 50th birthday party. We decided to do a Roaring 20's Flapper/Gangster Charleston (since we're from Charleston, SC) theme. It was also a total surprise for her. She loved it!

I was so busy I didn't get to take many pictures when it was completely set up. Here are a few pics:

I reused a lot of the same decorations (chandelier, boas, etc).

My sister had a cake made with an old picture of my mom dressed up in a flapper outfit. She won a talent contest doing "The Charleston" when she was in her 20's!

My mom's amazing friends doing all the work in the kitchen!

Fun props made it a great night for pictures! We had candy cigarettes, toy guns, gangster backdrops, etc. My niece loved the candy cigarettes and the fake car. Hilarious!

It's Ladies Night!

After Valentine's Day last year, I bought up all the pink sale things I could find! Perfect for a girls night in! I never get to see my girlfriends now that the Hubby & I moved out to the suburbs. So I thought it would be fun to get together to gab and be silly.

Girls night consisted of candy, cupcakes, and cocktails. Here are a few pictures of the decorations:

This picture was before everyone got there. The girls brought food so we had a ton! I made that "chandelier" out of Mylar from the party store and wire coat hangers!
Made a bar out of my book shelf! Bought about a dozen boas to decorate the room!

Of course we had to watch Dirty Dancing! Classic!

Drinks/Party Favors! Your glass for the evening contained:
a candy necklace, eye lash curler, make up brush, pens, pop rocks, and fun straw!

Such a fun silly girls night! I had a ton of crazy wigs, glasses, hats, and more which made for a really fun Karaoke session! (which will not be shown on my blog! ha!)

Paper Garland

The paper garland trend right now is super cute! I love that people are using it for so many different purposes: weddings, birthday parties, showers, etc.

I decided to use mini ones for gift wrapping! One is from a baby shower and the other a bridal shower:

Don't forget to put big pretty bows on bridal shower presents! They use them for their rehearsal bow bouquet!

Mac & Cheese

I love baked mac & cheese. It's one of my favorite things I look forward to at Thanksgiving every year. I saw a neat twist on mac & cheese from {How Sweet It Is} blog. She made Mac & Cheese Cupcakes! Who doesn't love cupcakes?! If it's shaped like a cupcake, I'm on board!

I decided to make it for a baby shower I went to a few months back. Here's my attempt! Hers looks a little better, but hey, they tasted yummy! Get the recipe from {How Sweet It Is} blog.

Just Say I Love Crepes

I am originally from Charleston, SC so I try to go back about once a year if I can. Last time we went we visited the food market downtown on a Saturday. If you get a chance - GO! It was DELICIOUS! I believe they do it every Saturday. We ate some yummy Nutella & strawberry crepes so when I saw this easy recipe from {Made With Pink} I was super excited!

Here is my attempt:
It was filled with strawberries and Nutella. Try it with whatever you like. {Made With Pink} has the recipe on her site. Definitely recommend trying it! Yummmy!

And if you didn't get my title reference, here is a video you need to watch:

It's that time of year...

Since the holidays are coming up, it's appropriate to write about Christmas gifts! Everyone is coming out with gift ideas and I love to look through them. I always look for things that don't take up space! Everyone I know has a house full of stuff and I love to find things that don't take up anymore room!
So here are my 2 favorite ideas:

1. NETFLIX I got this for my parents and the in-laws last year. They all loved it, takes up no space, and they can use it year round!

2. Address Label Stamps! I hope my friends and family don't find this blog before Christmas because they are all getting one! I know sooooo many people who have bought a new house and they will not have to address their Christmas cards next year! Love this also as a housewarming gift or a shower gift! I ordered mine from Etsy. Some people I only see a few times a year so it's always hard to figure out what to get them. Check out Etsy there are tons of cute shops to choose from for a good price!

Well hello there!

Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start a blog as a place to keep all the cute ideas I see and want to have a reference to come back to later. If you enjoy it as well... that's great!! :)


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