Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Ladies Night!

After Valentine's Day last year, I bought up all the pink sale things I could find! Perfect for a girls night in! I never get to see my girlfriends now that the Hubby & I moved out to the suburbs. So I thought it would be fun to get together to gab and be silly.

Girls night consisted of candy, cupcakes, and cocktails. Here are a few pictures of the decorations:

This picture was before everyone got there. The girls brought food so we had a ton! I made that "chandelier" out of Mylar from the party store and wire coat hangers!
Made a bar out of my book shelf! Bought about a dozen boas to decorate the room!

Of course we had to watch Dirty Dancing! Classic!

Drinks/Party Favors! Your glass for the evening contained:
a candy necklace, eye lash curler, make up brush, pens, pop rocks, and fun straw!

Such a fun silly girls night! I had a ton of crazy wigs, glasses, hats, and more which made for a really fun Karaoke session! (which will not be shown on my blog! ha!)

1 comment:

  1. How much did it cost to make the Mylar chandelier? Do you buy the Mylar in sheets? How long did it take? Do a tutorial bc it's gorgeous!!



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