Friday, November 19, 2010

It's that time of year...

Since the holidays are coming up, it's appropriate to write about Christmas gifts! Everyone is coming out with gift ideas and I love to look through them. I always look for things that don't take up space! Everyone I know has a house full of stuff and I love to find things that don't take up anymore room!
So here are my 2 favorite ideas:

1. NETFLIX I got this for my parents and the in-laws last year. They all loved it, takes up no space, and they can use it year round!

2. Address Label Stamps! I hope my friends and family don't find this blog before Christmas because they are all getting one! I know sooooo many people who have bought a new house and they will not have to address their Christmas cards next year! Love this also as a housewarming gift or a shower gift! I ordered mine from Etsy. Some people I only see a few times a year so it's always hard to figure out what to get them. Check out Etsy there are tons of cute shops to choose from for a good price!

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