Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Shower: Part 3

I also made little "subway art" signs around the room like the one in this picture.

Here's a screen shot of the other one I made.

I just downloaded several different fonts from to make it. Here's the original inspiration from Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Shower: Part 2

Finally got around to the part 2 - so here it is!

I made little favors for each couple. I have a TON of leftover boxes from my wedding years ago. So I've been trying to slowly get rid of them! I cut yellow doilies and tied them on the boxes with little ribbon that said "It's a Boy." This cost me practically nothing since I had the boxes already...

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So what was inside? Cootie Catchers! These are cheap and fun favors that easy to make.

Since it was a Jack & Jill shower I needed a favor that was gender neutral and funny. Since all of the guests were young married I made all the "fortunes" about their future kids.

If you can't read the picture above, here are a few of the "fortunes":

- You're going to have triplets
- You will look great driving a minivan
- You will have permanent diaper duty
- Your baby is the next American Idol!
(all just silly baby related things!)

Another idea I had was to string onesies on a clothing line. I've seen this paper garland idea on other blogs and thought it was cute. The onesies on her registry were just plain white so I cut out little ties from scrapbook paper and taped them on for some color.

Here's my girls helping me out beforehand! :)

You can see below the sign I made on Word then cut it out. It says "Baby Stolnis" (the couple's last name) and strung it along with tiny blue clothes pins from the party store.

Here's a screen shot from Microsoft Word:

I just found a cute picture of onesies online then added text and there ya go!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Shower!!

This will have to be multiple posts... so get ready for a lot of baby shower pictures! My friend and I threw a couples baby shower for some sweet friends of ours who were in our Bible study for years. We were so excited to do this for them and get to see a bunch of old friends!

Here's how I made the diaper cupcakes!

1. Little bowl from Crate & Barrel stacked on a Dollar Store candle holder

2. Rolled up diapers wrapped in ribbon and topped off with a pom-pom ball set inside a coffee filter

3. Add a bow and you're done!

We had a blue/yellow ducky theme so we thought it would be cute to put these little rubber duckies on top of cupcakes!

I made some cute toothpick toppers on Word and just cut them out and taped them on.

I found some plastic 'baby boy' scrapbook paper that worked great for catching any drippings from my drink stands.

Hope you liked the pictures! I'll post another entry soon with what I gave as favors! Here's a sneak peek! :)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY: Pillows

Remember how I was telling you about my new obsession w/ yellow fabric? Well, I guess it's not so new. When we first moved in (almost 2 years ago) I made some throw pillows for our couch. I got this great idea from my dear sweet cousin. I had some old pillows I didn't want anymore and used the stuffing for my new pillows. These aren't great pictures but hopefully I'll get new ones up some time soon.

So here's the great idea - they are place mats! I just stuffed them and sewed up the sides! I found this great design (in yellow) and it was on sale for next to nothing! You'll never look at place mats the same! :)

My lovely sewing skillzzz

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Calendar Art / Media Room

I haven't been happy with our media room since we've moved in. It was yellow when we moved in and since we are all painted out - we aren't trying to repaint it. This room has collected all our leftover furniture and just looked so haphazard. (Pretty much how my husband would decorate if we never got married.)

Mr. Mal-licious wanted posters on the wall and I gave in. We have large walls and I had no idea what to do with this space! Eventually, I got sick of having this huge room and only 3 posters with an assortment of random leftover furniture. I didn't want to spend a ton of money so I found a creative solution. I had to be creative after spontaneously buying a new couch. ;)

So here's what I came up with:

Calendar art! I found a great calendar with classic movies. Perfect for a media room!

I cut them with my handy dandy paper cutter...

Framed them with perfect sized frames I found for 1/2 off...

Laid them out for Mr. Mal-licous to hang...

VoilĂ !
Here's the final outcome!! Love love LOVE my new couch!

Here's what that wall looked like before:

I'll have to show you what we did with the TV in another post. It's still a work in progress... but hopefully not for long!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


We just took down our Christmas tree and I wanted to show one of my favorite ornaments my mom gave me. I have two sweet sisters and I'm the middle. Wish I lived closer to them but we still get to see each other pretty much every month. :)


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