Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Shower: Part 2

Finally got around to the part 2 - so here it is!

I made little favors for each couple. I have a TON of leftover boxes from my wedding years ago. So I've been trying to slowly get rid of them! I cut yellow doilies and tied them on the boxes with little ribbon that said "It's a Boy." This cost me practically nothing since I had the boxes already...

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So what was inside? Cootie Catchers! These are cheap and fun favors that easy to make.

Since it was a Jack & Jill shower I needed a favor that was gender neutral and funny. Since all of the guests were young married I made all the "fortunes" about their future kids.

If you can't read the picture above, here are a few of the "fortunes":

- You're going to have triplets
- You will look great driving a minivan
- You will have permanent diaper duty
- Your baby is the next American Idol!
(all just silly baby related things!)

Another idea I had was to string onesies on a clothing line. I've seen this paper garland idea on other blogs and thought it was cute. The onesies on her registry were just plain white so I cut out little ties from scrapbook paper and taped them on for some color.

Here's my girls helping me out beforehand! :)

You can see below the sign I made on Word then cut it out. It says "Baby Stolnis" (the couple's last name) and strung it along with tiny blue clothes pins from the party store.

Here's a screen shot from Microsoft Word:

I just found a cute picture of onesies online then added text and there ya go!


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