Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Shower!!

This will have to be multiple posts... so get ready for a lot of baby shower pictures! My friend and I threw a couples baby shower for some sweet friends of ours who were in our Bible study for years. We were so excited to do this for them and get to see a bunch of old friends!

Here's how I made the diaper cupcakes!

1. Little bowl from Crate & Barrel stacked on a Dollar Store candle holder

2. Rolled up diapers wrapped in ribbon and topped off with a pom-pom ball set inside a coffee filter

3. Add a bow and you're done!

We had a blue/yellow ducky theme so we thought it would be cute to put these little rubber duckies on top of cupcakes!

I made some cute toothpick toppers on Word and just cut them out and taped them on.

I found some plastic 'baby boy' scrapbook paper that worked great for catching any drippings from my drink stands.

Hope you liked the pictures! I'll post another entry soon with what I gave as favors! Here's a sneak peek! :)

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  1. New follower :).I love a cute baby shower! You had some nice touches. Esp the pretty paper for the drips. Such a simple but creative idea.

  2. Yes, such a cute baby shower! You did a great job! I love the poems on the food plates.

  3. this baby shower is so cute!!! love the diaper cupcake idea xx



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