Monday, January 17, 2011

Calendar Art / Media Room

I haven't been happy with our media room since we've moved in. It was yellow when we moved in and since we are all painted out - we aren't trying to repaint it. This room has collected all our leftover furniture and just looked so haphazard. (Pretty much how my husband would decorate if we never got married.)

Mr. Mal-licious wanted posters on the wall and I gave in. We have large walls and I had no idea what to do with this space! Eventually, I got sick of having this huge room and only 3 posters with an assortment of random leftover furniture. I didn't want to spend a ton of money so I found a creative solution. I had to be creative after spontaneously buying a new couch. ;)

So here's what I came up with:

Calendar art! I found a great calendar with classic movies. Perfect for a media room!

I cut them with my handy dandy paper cutter...

Framed them with perfect sized frames I found for 1/2 off...

Laid them out for Mr. Mal-licous to hang...

Here's the final outcome!! Love love LOVE my new couch!

Here's what that wall looked like before:

I'll have to show you what we did with the TV in another post. It's still a work in progress... but hopefully not for long!

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  1. I love the transformation! Great job!!

  2. love old movie posters great idea. looks great

  3. I have been saving my favorite calendars for years, hoping to do this one day. Thank you for giving me a visual and the motivation! YIPPEE!!

  4. Thanks retrohipmama! Check out Michaels for frames. They have the perfect size for them!

  5. Awesome! I love your new couch too!!~ Everything looks wonderful. Thanks for joining in the newb partay!!~ Have fun.

  6. That's such a great idea. I love how they turned out. It totally makes the room! I found you on Debbiedoo's.


  7. What a great idea. It looks perfect. I am having a link party and the link opens up tonight at 8pm EST. I would love for you to come and join the fun and link this project (or whatever you want). Thanks.



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