Sunday, February 27, 2011

Master Bathroom: Cabinets

We were busy this weekend with the master bathroom... again! Are y'all sick of it yet? I AM! Ha!

Mr. Mal-licious and I tried a new product this weekend. We wanted to paint our cabinets and I saw this product on Centsational Girl. It's called Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations. It comes with a helpful instructional DVD and it comes with pretty much everything except rags, brushes and gloves. We still aren't completely done, so don't expect to get it done in one weekend unless you are working around the clock. We bought it at Home Depot and it's about $80.

If you are looking into it here's how it went for us:

**Editor's note: Click here to see the finished bathroom**

Take all the cabinet doors off and set them up on nails/screws.

Degloss with a scouring padThat's my hubby (my legs aren't that hairy!) ;)

This is not fun or easy. I do not like scrubbing anything.

Wipe it off and let it dry.

We painted it "Espresso".

(don't worry we fixed that little pool of paint)

So here it is so far! We just painted the "Top Coat" which is the last step. (You can also add a glaze which we opted out of)

We like the product so far. It does take a while and some elbow grease but it would take that anyway you look at it! It would take a pretty long time to do an entire kitchen.

Can't wait to see it in my bathroom! Maybe tomorrow!! :)

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Painted Wallpaper

So I've showed you a little about my progress on my master bath and I'll tell you how I did the stencil. You should really go check out Jones Design Company to see how she did it because her's looks amazing! But I'll still show you how I did it below. :)

Emily at Jones Design Company posted a stencil you can download from her website. She said to trace it onto cardboard. So I did... several times.

Yep, that's a pizza box. What great timing to have pizza?! The top was not touched by the pizza. :)

Now Emily used paint and a paint brush, but I did not trust myself enough to do that. So I went to Michaels (with my coupons y'all!) and got the fattest paint pen I could find!!

Here's my pizza box stencil.

I turned it around so Papa wasn't staring at me the whole time. ;)

Slapped it on the wall and traced it with my fatty paint pen. I did not do it perfectly, and I did not double the stencil like she did. But it is definitely good enough for me and I LOVE it!

So here it is again. I'll show you the whole thing when I get a little more done this weekend! :)

Check out these bloggers who have done a great job with this stencil!

Good Girl Gone Glad
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Hop

Hey - I'm participating in my first blog hop! Sassy Sites is hosting it for newbies like me. Check it out! :)

New Faucets!

It's amazing how long you can take to pick out little things like a faucet! Then again, it did take my husband about a month to pick out a vacuum cleaner, so not much surprises me anymore!

I really LOVED Judy's (over at DIY by Design) faucets in her master bath. But we couldn't find a great deal and the one's we found were half the price. I still love them just as much :)

(I do the before first because I notice the thumbnails pop up with whatever picture is first... haven't figured out how to change that)


BEFORE: Boring
(Yikes - didn't notice how splotchy it was until saw the picture blown up! Makes for an even better before, right? ha)

Here's how my master bath is coming along so far.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Travel Tuesday: France

Alright, well back to my cruise. Our second stop was Cannes, Antibes, and Nice. We decided to take an "excursion" which means we paid for a tour in Cruise language. :)

Our tour took us around to different spots because once you get off the boat - ya gotta have a plan or you'll be wandering around the port!

(If you've never cruised before, you don't always just stop in the middle of town, you have to take some type of transportation to get to the good stuff!)

Here are some highlights:

Cute cafes
Touch the ocean! Don't get your boots wet like me :(

Yeah, so they have rocks instead of sand... strange
Market - we got there just as they were closing up but still fun :)

Teeny tiny streets - so fun to explore!!
I guess that random guy did not know why I would take a picture in a market :)

Love all the old buildings!

It was a fun stop but not my most favorite (but still awesome). It was fun to explore and check out all the cute shops/markets. I also got some great lavender for Christmas presents.

Has anyone else been? What should I do next time... if there's a next time? :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Master Bathroom: It begins!

Mr. Mal-licious and I have been busy busy busy this weekend! As you know we are working on our master bathroom and here is a little sneak peek!

Look familiar Jones Design Company fans?

BEFORE: Here's my boring yellow

AFTER: Here's the new Silver Sage color (via Restoration Hardware)!
BEFORE: Gross old light - seriously it's so gross

AFTER: New light!

You can see more of the difference in color in the light fixture.

Well, back to work! Gotta make the most of my day off!! :)

**Check out my new faucet here and my DIY cabinets here **

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!!

I LOVE the weekends! Since I get up waaay before my husband during the week, (thanks to my commute) I look forward to having breakfast together on the weekends!

(Our breakfast in Spain)

It's so nice not to rush out in the morning and be able to leisurely enjoy your breakfast together. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow! :)

What are you guys looking forward to this weekend?

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Junk Drawers

Mr. Mal-licious and I are in the middle of updating our master bathroom. While replacing the faucets we were forced to remove everything from under our sinks. Regrettably, we have not gone through all that was hidden in there in quite a while.

Sadly, this was the result! :(

I don't have an after picture but after tons of purging, we can now close all the cabinet doors! Here's my purge pile:

Look at the ridiculous amounts of FULL lotion/sprays/hair junk I'm tossing! And I still kept a bunch! I think I will have to send an email out to family asking them - PLEASE do not buy me lotion for any reason! I could moisturize an army!

Cleaning out my bathroom cabinets inspired me to organize another space - my junk drawers - DUN DUN DUN!

(cue cute dramatic groundhog thing)

Oh the horror! I had no idea what was all in this drawer and sadly, it was only the first of two.

Thankfully - I bought a drawer organizer!! LOVE IT! I mean who knew I even had 2 un-used travel size deodorants and an un-used lipstick! Score!!
The mini-hoarder side of me is having trouble tossing out old lotion and junk. I hate being wasteful but what can you do with that kind of stuff? Plus most of it is probably expired - lotions expire, right?

And Mom - if you are reading this - I know I get hideitinthejunkdraweritis from you & dad! Next time I come to visit y'all are getting a drawer organizer! ;)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Charleston

I'll eventually get back to writing about my cruise, but today I'm homesick for Charleston. So I figured I should post some pictures from our vacation this past summer. It's pretty much my favorite place on earth and look at how beautiful it is! How can you not love it?!?!

Our friends took us out on their boat off of Isle of Palms (where my parents grew up)

Yikes! We did catch a TON of baby sharks that day! Freaked me out!!

Eating at one of our favorite restaurants: California Dreaming
View from my cousin's house:

Ahhhh... the yummy farmers market, where I had the most delicious crepe.

My uncle gave us a walking history tour downtown. I used to hate taking field trips in a carriage as a kid. It doesn't always smell so great behind a horse, but it's such a fun way to get to know a little about Charleston history!

This house is called.... hmmm... I forget... maybe the wedding house? Something like that. It was supposedly built for a couple who was away on a long honeymoon. The bride wanted one style and the bridegroom wanted another. So the architect did it half and half. Turned out beautifully!

Another picture of my house (I wish!).
This is how we found out my niece doesn't like heights...
Just realized I have no pictures of the market in this batch. Oh well, I'll show you that next time! :)

Water Front Park... I used to swim in this pineapple as a kid! :)

And of course the beach...

Is this not the cutest picture EVER? (my niece is so cute I can't stand it!)

Well now I'm ready for a trip down south!!


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