Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Cruisin' Together

Since I have nothing crafty to write about today and I wish I was on vacation... here's a little about my Mediterranean Cruise! I've always wanted to go on a Med Cruise and I finally wore my husband down we did! We were looking to go in the fall of the following year but we found an AWESOME last minute deal! So we ended up going over Thanksgiving. It was a great because we had 2 built in days off!

If you're ever looking for great deals check often and be flexible! We found an inside room for $350 and a balcony room for $600 or so. We went with the balcony and it was one of the best trips we ever took!

Our first stop was in Barcelona, Spain. That's where we boarded so we go there a day early. I had never been but it was one of my FAVORITE stops!

Here's us at Las Ramblas. Watch your purse there but a def must see!

I think it was one of our favorite stops mainly because I have a friend from high school there that could show us around! This is us at Origen... I think that's the restaurant. It was great and I am a very picky eater!

This is me saying "thank you, thank you, thank you for finally taking me!" :)
My husband being artsy with his photographs

La Sagrada Familia was also AMAZING... wish would could have had more time and gone inside! So many neat buildings to admire in Barcelona!
I had to have churros con chocolate after watching a Samantha Brown episode!! OMG are they YUMMY! It was early (rough pic!)

Park G├╝ell or Gaudi Park is a must see! It's amazing. You could spend all day exploring there!

Lots of smoothies and lots of gelato on this trip!

I think we took close to 3,000 pics on this trip so this is just a small, teeny tiny sampling. I'll have to tell you about the other stops another time! Hope you enjoy!


  1. I did enjoy these pics! Your husband's "srtsy" photo is absolutely gorgeous. I'm happy y'all had such a nice time! Share more pics with us soon.

  2. Oh! I went to Spain in 2009 ... SUCH a fun trip ... Looking at your pics makes me want to go back! :)


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Mallory! I am now following you too! Loved hearing about your cruise! I'm super jealous!

  4. so cool that we stood in some of the same exact spots! oh and those churros! how did i miss those?! lol. yum.



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