Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!!

I LOVE the weekends! Since I get up waaay before my husband during the week, (thanks to my commute) I look forward to having breakfast together on the weekends!

(Our breakfast in Spain)

It's so nice not to rush out in the morning and be able to leisurely enjoy your breakfast together. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow! :)

What are you guys looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. Looks delish, I love photo's of food an I really love to eat the different kinds of food, from all over!
    I'm joining the food photo challenge at Razmataz.

  2. OH those look so delicious!

    this may be a bad challenge for me... I'm starving! lol


  3. What a great photo...all those pastries. It is a great shot because so much catches the eye. I love that stack of gorgeous white cups.

    Thank you for joining in.

  4. Yes, yes I agree with it all. And the hand in there makes one feel as if you can get some too.

  5. Yes, I will take one of those, and one of those and one of..... Great photo and great spread! Kit

  6. Those pastries look delish - what a great shot.

  7. Hi, glad to meet you. i found you thru:
    and i am your newest follower. hope you could check the blog some time, we have 2 giveaways going on in our blog!



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