Thursday, February 17, 2011

Junk Drawers

Mr. Mal-licious and I are in the middle of updating our master bathroom. While replacing the faucets we were forced to remove everything from under our sinks. Regrettably, we have not gone through all that was hidden in there in quite a while.

Sadly, this was the result! :(

I don't have an after picture but after tons of purging, we can now close all the cabinet doors! Here's my purge pile:

Look at the ridiculous amounts of FULL lotion/sprays/hair junk I'm tossing! And I still kept a bunch! I think I will have to send an email out to family asking them - PLEASE do not buy me lotion for any reason! I could moisturize an army!

Cleaning out my bathroom cabinets inspired me to organize another space - my junk drawers - DUN DUN DUN!

(cue cute dramatic groundhog thing)

Oh the horror! I had no idea what was all in this drawer and sadly, it was only the first of two.

Thankfully - I bought a drawer organizer!! LOVE IT! I mean who knew I even had 2 un-used travel size deodorants and an un-used lipstick! Score!!
The mini-hoarder side of me is having trouble tossing out old lotion and junk. I hate being wasteful but what can you do with that kind of stuff? Plus most of it is probably expired - lotions expire, right?

And Mom - if you are reading this - I know I get hideitinthejunkdraweritis from you & dad! Next time I come to visit y'all are getting a drawer organizer! ;)

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  1. oh boy! I have to do this exact same thing this weekend. I couldn't find my deoderant this morning, and i had to literally shift everything around in the draw..making even more of a mess. Ugh. i am a mini hoarder too!! eeep.

  2. @CannyCole
    Thanks CannyCole! So glad I'm not the only one!! ;)

  3. Drawer organizers are Da Bomb! It is nice to purge every now and then.

  4. Oh no!, I need to do this, we only lived in our new home about a year, and I have not yet purchased junk drawer organizers, I must, I must remember to do this.

  5. @Ricki Jill Treleaven
    So true Ricki Jill! Always nice to lose a little weight! :)

  6. I did this recently too. It's amazing all the crap that you find under the sink!

  7. @Jo

    Hope it goes well! Let me know how it turns out! :)

  8. Hi,
    Thanks so much for linking this to my Reality Collection. For a second there, I thought I was looking in my own junk Have a great day!

    Oh my goodness, I just saw that you grabbed my button. You're so sweet. I am totally following you! Yay!




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