Monday, February 21, 2011

Master Bathroom: It begins!

Mr. Mal-licious and I have been busy busy busy this weekend! As you know we are working on our master bathroom and here is a little sneak peek!

Look familiar Jones Design Company fans?

BEFORE: Here's my boring yellow

AFTER: Here's the new Silver Sage color (via Restoration Hardware)!
BEFORE: Gross old light - seriously it's so gross

AFTER: New light!

You can see more of the difference in color in the light fixture.

Well, back to work! Gotta make the most of my day off!! :)

**Check out my new faucet here and my DIY cabinets here **

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  1. OOH,I love everything. Silver Sage is perfect and that pattern is beautiful. Jones Design Company is my favorite.

  2. That is fabulous! Love the color for a bathroom too. Thanks for joining me, Have fun!!~ XO

  3. Looks great! We had that row of globe light bulbs in our bathrooms when we bought our house too. They were the first things to go!

  4. The new color is so chic and elegant! Beautiful!

  5. Looking good! Love the stencil look you have going on - and YES I'm a huge Jones Design Co fan! :) The final room is going to look great!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  6. Silver Sage is one of my absolute FAVORITE colors, EVER!!!! =) I am thinking of doing this in my bathroom!! Did you use a stencil? And, how exactly did you do it? Did you first trace it on the wall and then hand paint? I'm curious!!! ;)

  7. I love the color and the stencil looks great! The new light fixture makes a huge difference. So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

  8. I am also using paint pens and find it incredibly frustrating. I've purchased Sharpie brand fine tip paint pens from Michael's and even though I've depressed the tip and shaken up the paint, the paint does not come out consistently. At this rate, the wall is going to take me 5 years to complete! Did you have any problems with the paint pen? Any tips? Thank you - Vivian

  9. @Vivian Hi Vivian! I used the largest paint pen they had. It had a thick tip and worked pretty well for me until the end when the tip was smooshed to high heavens. My wall is definitely far from perfect. It doesn't always come out evenly so I would sometimes go over it twice if the first time was too light. I know I would have been far worse if I tried to use a paint brush! It only took me 2 nights to do the one wall. Sorry it's taking so long! :( The imperfections give it character! Hope that helps!:)



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