Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pottery Class

This weekend, besides taking hot yoga for the first time, I also took my first pottery class! I did it with my BFF and it was SO MUCH FUN! If you ever get a chance to take a class - do it!

Here is one of the bowls I made:

Here is MeggiePoo with one of her bowls she made...

Here's my wheel!

It does take a little time to figure out what the heck you're doing but with the instructors help, it is so much fun and gets your creative juices going!

Now I'd like to thank Patrick Swayze for inspiring me to take a pottery class. Who doesn't channel a little "Ghost" during pottery class? RIP Patrick.

Cue the Righteous Brothers...


  1. LOL I am laughing at this post. :D I have taken one or two clay classes, and I do not have the patience for it. At all. I admire your tenacity and spunk! At Red Dot Gallery, where I take my painting classes, my instructor's husband teaches pottery on the other side of the building. I tend to avoid that room unless I need to wash out my brushes because the sink is on "their side." Are you going to continue taking pottery?

  2. Hey Ricki! I'd love to take more pottery classes! This studio was not close to my house so I'm going to look into closer ones. I'm definitely not talented enough for a painting class... although maybe that's why I'd need a class! haha

  3. I love pottery did alot in college...need to get back to it!

  4. I have always thought that would be so much fun!




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