Friday, February 11, 2011

Rough in turned Powder Room

We had a rough-in (that means the plumbing is set up already in a room) that was used as a closet when we first bought our house. Like I've mentioned before, I'm super blessed to have a dad and hubby who are handy! My parents came for a weekend and we (OK- mainly just the men) put in our new powder room!

Side by Side - Before & After:

There was already a light and the mirror came with an entry table we got as wedding present.
(Didn't notice my wrinkled hand towel when I took the pic. Avert your eyes!)

Here's my Costco vanity find! Love that its granite and we can store tons of junk in the bottom!

Yay for floor tiles! And baseboards! The tile was on sale at a local tile place. My husband and dad are both anal perfectionists so arranging where each tile goes was by far the longest project in this bathroom! It did pay off though - I LOVE IT! Thanks guys!
My lovely Ikea floor mat, perfect size for a small powder room

My (wrinkled) hand towel that goes perfectly with the wall. My husband did not approve because he said it was too girly. I've noticed he says that a lot, but what does he know! He'd probably just store mountain bikes in there if it wasn't for me!

The paint is "In Your Eyes" by Benjamin Moore. My sister used it in her bedroom and I looooove it!

It's so nice to have a bathroom on the first floor and it didn't take too much time.

This weekend we plan on tackling the master bath! I'll let ya know how that goes! :)

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  1. Love the wall color. Love Benjamin Moore paint.
    I would not use anything else! Congrats on a job well done!

  2. It looks great. I love the vanity & the flooring!

  3. Amazing transformation!

  4. looks wonderful! it feels so great to get things knocked off your "to-do" list...or, at least, watch your hubby knock things off the to-do list :) hehehe
    thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  5. I love that Costco vanity!

  6. I love that cabinet and countertop! Beautiful! I found you over at Debbie Doo's Party! I am your newest follower!


  7. That looks like a pretty small space-- yet it looks so GREAT!
    We've lived with 1 bathroom for 15 years in this house and I've told my hubby we definitely have room in an alcove of one of the bedrooms for a powder room~~~ we still have 1 bathroom.
    If we ever decide to sell this might be something we do to up the ante~
    Yours looks fantastic!
    Found you at debbiedoos party!

    Have fun!

  8. Thanks ladies!!

    @Corn in my Coffee-Pot
    You're right it is super small! Luckily it's the 4th restroom in the house! So not too much fighting between just the 2 of us! Hope you get your 2nd bath soon! I grew up w/ only 1 bathroom and 2 sisters! What a mess!!

  9. looove this. The color is perfect. And It's not girly at all!



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