Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the Progress Continues...

WOO HOO! We got new counter-tops!

Before: Here it is under construction

And a new sink and faucet!

WOAH! So the counter-top dudes broke the drywall we JUST fixed. Aaaaaand we haven't put in backsplash yet. Kinda feels like two steps forward one step back. But hey - it's still progress! Right? Right?

Here are the backsplash options we picked... I'll let you know the final decision next week *fingers crossed*
Pray for me y'all! Better yet, pray for my husband! He's about to kill me with all my crazy DIY projects I keep adding! ;)

(Note to self: finish AT LEAST one project before starting a new one!)


  1. How exciting! They look great.

  2. Countertops are fab! Tell your DH (dear husband) that the DIY projects are good for your marriage. ;P

  3. Thanks ladies! I'll be sure to remind him of that Ricki Jill! ;)

  4. LOVE IT!! The counters look a lot like the counters we have in the kitchen! You'll love them once everything is complete. It's the perfect balance of light and dark colors and I think a person with any taste would like them! Great choice.

  5. LOVE the new granite and sink, and your tile choices are so nice! Can't wait to see it all finished, bet you can't either!

  6. Wow, that looks great so far. I can't wait to see what backsplash you will choose.

    What material is your counter...granite? Does it have a name? I really like it and we are in the process of picking out new counter tops and the choices are overwhelming.


  7. Thanks guys!! I can't wait to see it finished!

    Oh girl I know!! So many options! And for backsplashes too! It is granite and I think the name is St. Cecilia (Classic or Light can't remember). We didn't want everything to gold or yellowish w/ our cabinets so I think this was a good compromise!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous,I love it! Cool faucet too.

  9. Looks awesome! I love the color you chose. I have black granite and it shows every speck, even water. Great choice and good luck on the rest of your projects!

  10. This is the ideal balance of light and dark colors and I think that a person with any taste will be like! Great choice. So far, it looks great.
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  11. What a work is this !!Its really impressive and The post pictures are really looking promising and exceptional. The progress is awesome.
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