Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beware: GLOB MONSTER! (or just my cabinets)


Ok maybe not a horror at all, but sometimes its fun to be a little dramatic. ;)

I know I've posted a lot about my bathroom already, but I wanted to mention something if you are thinking about trying to paint your cabinets.

See it closer? Do you notice those little white spots at the top of the door? It's super small but we were not super duper careful with the top coat of paint on this door. We thought it would dry clear... which it does but not if there is a glob.

Final thoughts:
Be careful with the top coat and watch out for globs! They don't go away!

It's so minimal it doesn't really bother me. I mean come on... look how dire it was before?!

Ahhhh.... so much better! :)

I *heart* my new bathroom.

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  1. Despite the tiny globs, it looks great! Makes a big difference and looks so much more modern!

  2. I think your bathroom looks fan-freakin-tastic. They are not globs...they are shiny-clear enhancements ;P

  3. I can't even see it, but I know what you mean. It looks fantastic. Mine are the same color and I am planning on painting them too. Will heed the clear coat.

  4. I think we had the same bathrooms...Why do places insist on them BIG bulbs and nasty plane cabinets...I LOVE what you did with them...did you have to sand them first and what did you paint them with???

  5. @Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life I know they are pretty BLAH! I wrote a little post about painting my cabinets. You can check it out here: http://mallicious.blogspot.com/2011/02/master-bathroom-cabinets.html
    I used a new product called Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations. You don't have to sand which is one of the reasons I liked it! :)

  6. I am having a "globbing" problem as we speak! The above post mentions Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations which is what I am using. I got a little sloppy with it and the top coat dried in globs here and there. Since it gets SO hard, I could not sand them off without messing it up. I am trying to fix it the best I can but I hope it wont' be too noticable. Check my blog in the next few days for the results!



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