Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Going to Nashville!

No, I'm not finally going to live out my dream of becoming a country music singer. (And that's mainly do to the fact that my voice is as smooth as the sounds of a dying cat) But I am going for a long weekend with my hubby next month!

I've never been, so any tips on any must see's / must do's? Love to hear any of your advice!

Here's me getting my hair done for my wedding... If that ain't wannabe country music singer hair I don't know what is! ;)

The higher the hair the closer to God right? ;)

But I digress... Who's got some tips on Music City?


  1. Mallory, I always get a chuckle from your post, thanks for being you.
    And I'm jealous, I've never been to Nashville, but have wanted to go,not to sing mind you, just go and let someone else do all the entertaining!
    Hope you have lots of fun!(I know Yall will)

  2. So, I've never been, but I have friends that talk about it...so, here it goes:

    - enjoy the beautiful scenery; it's what makes Nashville so great!
    - Go to a little town called Franklin if you have the chance...it's very quaint...quite adorable.
    - Eat at Pie in the Sky. Really good pizza!
    - Go to the Radisson Hotel on Commerce Street (parallel to Broadway Street) and take the elevator to the top. It's the best view.
    - Bellevue Community Church is wonderful...much like McLean Bible. It's a bit of a drive.
    - Opryland Hotel. You can actually go on a riverboat ride in the hotel

    Again, these are from a friend...so don't ask me! :) But I'm jealous now; it sounds fun!

  3. @K-Go THANK YOU! All of those sound great!

  4. Go to the square in Franklin! Shop the Antiques stores in Nolensville. Go to the Opryland hotel. Have breakfast a the Loveless Hotel. See the Grand Ole Opry. Go to the Bluebird and hear some awesome music or Tootsies on Broadway. See the Parthenon in Centennial Park. These are a few suggestions!

  5. Sounds like fun! I've never been to Nashville. Look forward to hearing all about it! =)


  6. Your hair looks wonderful, have a good trip to Nashville. :)

    The Cat Hag



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