Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Re-vamped Necklace: Fun with B&W

My mother gave me a very long sparkly black necklace that I have never worn. I tried to wear it several times and never seemed to look right to me.

It just seemed to be missing something. So I added this little broach. That I believe my mother also bought me. She likes anything sparkly!

Ta-da! I'm a genius right? OK maybe far from genius but I'm pretty excited about my new necklace!

Like my black and white shots? That's my husband's doing. He's so much better than me!

Completely random aside: Just saying Black and White out loud made me think of the Michael Jackson video and I automatically started singing and turning my head like in the video!


Morphing final video de M. Jackson Black or White

Yeah, I'm a total dork! :)


  1. You are too funny! I like the necklace :D

  2. Lovin' the necklace! Very creative and you didn't have to go out and buy anything! Double yay!

  3. It's gorgeous!! What a great idea to add the broach.

  4. that looks amazing! Thanks so much for the follow! Right back at yah!!



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