Monday, March 28, 2011

Shoes with Bows

I have a thing for shoes with bows. It's only a mild obsession but its one of the things I can't wait to wear for open toe season! These are my two favorite pairs of shoes at the moment. :)

From Anne Klein

and these from Kate Spade except mine are HOT PINK!

Here's a picture of them in pink!

These shoes get worn out during wedding season!

Don't fun shoes put you in a good mood? They put me in one! Happy Monday! :)


  1. I am thinking the red ones are my fav., however those sling backs would go with just about anything!!! Great your pink ones look fab...thanks for sharing!

  2. LOOOOOVVVVEEEE the Kate Spade ones! I can't imagine how gorgeous they are in pink!!

  3. Those red shoes are perfection! I love your shows in pink too! I can't wait to start wearing open-toed shoes more once the weather gets better :)



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