Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Genoa, Italy

You can read about the first stops of my Mediterranean Cruise here and here. Now on to Genoa, Italy! The great thing about going to Genoa is that you can hop right off the boat and walk immediately all over the city. So no need to pay for a tour. Just get a good map!

Here's the city when we pulled up.

Here is the Aquarium. It's supposed to be one of the best in Europe but we did not have time to go there because we wanted to explore!

This is Christopher Columbus's house.

Scooter anyone?

GELATO! Told ya we ate a lot of gelato! :)

This is the Biosfera. It has a ton of plants and is right on the water.

Tourist picture! ;)

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

We walked and shopped for hours and then we realized we were lost. We kept walking and BAM! Arco della Vittoria. Well, that's gotta be on the map!!

This was the last picture we took as we got back on the ship.

This was such a fun stop. Mainly because we just got off and explored by ourselves without any guidance of what to do and see. We also had to buy a Christmas ornament here... because Mr. Mal-licious accidentally broke one! It's a fun reminder of that day when we pull it out in December! :)


  1. What gorgeous pictures! I love Italy, and I would like to go back some day.

  2. WOW!..your photo's are incredible, looks like yall had an amazing time, I have a dream to go to Italy some day!



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