Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel Tuesday: London

In college, I had the chance to do a winter study abroad in London. Since I went out with my college girlfriends last night and wore my Kate Middleton wannabe dress yesterday (shoot - no pics!) I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the fun times we had. So if you've been or ever go and want to check it out on a college kid budget - here's some fun times we had. :)

WARNING: There are HORRIBLE pictures of me (winter paleness + London drizzle + glasses + me as a college kid = me looking like a big dork)

OK first stop -Ya gotta go to Buckingham Palace

We took a bus tour just to get a layout of the city and it was apart of our study program. You can hop on and off the bus all day. We wanted to sit on top for the experience but it was FREEZING!

We went to Harrods! The largest department store in the world. Not super exciting but had to go for class. This... umm... lovely?... bird sweater was RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I was scared to pick it up even for this photo!

The London Eye!

You can get some great shots of the city from inside.

I took this photo! Love it! I have it hanging in my upstairs hallway!

This is the Tower Bridge - not to be confused with London Bridge

This was one of Churchill's War Rooms - we got to go inside for our class but most people can only peek in!

Check out the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square

We saw Mary Poppins! They had real British accents, not like Dick Van Dyke. ;)

Take a generic phone booth picture (we had just gone shopping so of course I'm holding a ton of junk!)

We took a night boat tour of the River Thames

Checked out Windsor Castle aka Grandma Betty's House to Prince William & Harry

Soooo.... I was in college when I went so we did a lot of going out at night. Below our a few of our going out spots. Don't worry nothing crazy. I'm a good girl I am! (said in my best Eliza Doolittle voice)

This is in SoHo - where I had my 22nd Birthday.

This is Waxy O'Connors - it has a huge tree in the middle of the restaurant/pub! (I'm not drunk I just take bad pictures)

This is the first pub we went to - The Bath House!

This is where we did TONS of karaoke - we were legendary (in our minds)

Cheap noodle bar we frequented! I don't think London is known for its food...

Our favorite dancing spot!

Ok enough of that... We also toured the country side on a little excursion.

STONEHENGE ROCKS! At least that's what all the signs say there.

One of the oldest pubs in the country. Maybe ever?

We also went to Bath, England where we could see the hot springs they used way back when.

Also, there is a place called the Camden Market that has a bunch of fun finds and food (had largest doughnuts I have ever seen). It is also referred to as the Camden Zoo because it is known for its "eclectic" mix of people. It's where I got this fun belt and too tight shirt that I have never worn again. :)

So many fun times in London. If I ever go back, it will be in the SUMMER! It's not the best in the winter. We did a million other things but those are the highlights. :)
Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Hey Mallory!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my new farmhouse kitchen. I am loving these photos from England! I have many blogger buddies from across the pond and would love to visit someday...on the bucket list!

    Happy to meet you

    Janet xox

  2. @janet Thanks Janet! Your farmhouse kitchen turned out awesome! Thanks for stopping by! :)



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