Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who wants to see a dirty kitchen?!

*Editors note: DONE!*

If you didn't already know, we are working our our kitchen, you can kinda see how it looked before here and here.

This is IN NO WAY finished. But thought I'd give y'all an update and make yourselves feel better about your own kitchen that it isn't a hot mess like mine!

So this was taken after we grouted our new tile! We ended up going with the mosaic tile. It has tumbled tile and glass tile. Not a huge fan of tumbled tile (it's more rustic than I like) but the colors went well with the granite. And tile cost way less than doing the same amount of a granite backsplash. Tile - $100. Granite - $400. Tile wins!

Ok so with out any further ado, here is my grout covered, dirty pot (why didn't I move the pot?), smudgy oven picture of our new tile!

Next up for the kitchen - NEW PAINT, caulking, possibly painting the cabinets, and a good scrub!!


  1. The new tile looks fabulous! You should see my house right now. I'll post some pics later. Now that is a hot mess!

  2. OOOOO!! I like it! Love the gave me the itch to start looking at granite!!!

  3. Hot mess? I think not! My house is a disaster and I don't even have remodeling going on at the moment!

    Thanks for stopping by My Pretties! I'm following you now!

  4. Aww you guys are too kind! I guess you can't see the inch thick grout and tile dust too well in this pic! :)

  5. Love the tile!!!
    I love the light fixture from z gallery for you bathroom, very pretty!

  6. I really like the new tile backslpash & it does look super with the granite.

  7. I love this kitchen, Its so clean and clear, The tiles are still signing, So The picture looks awesome and Thanks for shearing here.
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  8. The kitchen is the most important part of the house. I like my kitchen look fresh and smell good.
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