Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travel Tuesdays: Pisa & Florence

I know I haven't done Travel Tuesdays in a while so I thought I'd bring it back y'all!

Here we go... First stop Pisa, Italy.

When you find yourself in Pisa (or at least the touristy part) its not super big. Here it is:

Now, if you are a non-Pisan, you must take a picture like this where you pretend you are holding up the tower or its falling on you. It's the law.
This door is incredibly detailed.
Pisa has a TON of gift shop little knick-nack things. And there you have Pisa.
Now on to FLORENCE! When we arrived, we were starrrrrving. So first stop some yummy Italian food and wine!

We just wandered around until we found some where (not filled with tourists) and this was where we landed. It was pretty good and they spoke English. :)

Finished off the meal with Limoncello. It's supposed to be good for digestion... or so they tell us.

Can I post about any of our Mediterranean adventures without gelato? I think not!

They served it on waffles! OMGoodness!

Now we rolled made our way to the Ponte Vecchio. Which means 'old bridge.'HISTORY LESSON: So this is from what I remember (so take if for what its worth) but the Ponte Vecchio used to have butchers selling their meat all across the bridge. The Medici family (super rich and powerful family) had to walk across this bridge everyday to get to their gigantic house. They did not like the smell so they forbid the butchers from selling there and made the gold merchants come and sell there instead. And today there are still people selling gold all across the bridge.
Another short history lesson: Allegedly, Hilter said not to bomb the Ponte Vecchio during the war because he thought it was beautiful.

This is the bottom of a lamp post. My husband thought it was awesome.

This is a statue with a gate around it covered in locks.

This sign - the one with all the locks around it - says "It's not allowed to put locks on the railing."

And now we're at Il Duomo. We did a lot of shopping and this is what I came back with for my sisters.

Il Duomo is one of the prettiest places in Florence. Its massive, I could not get a whole picture of it. Its super intricate and impressive.

Wish we had gone to the top but alas we did not have time! It costs money and I think there was a line. But now we have something to look forward to next time! (hint, hint honey)

Well, that is a super quick recap of our trip. It was so fun and beautiful (except for the weather was meh) If you want to ask any questions about the cruise destinations let me know! I just like to give highlights in the blog post so I don't bore anyone. :)

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  1. Florence is my favorite city in all of Italy. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Mallory :D



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