Monday, July 25, 2011

Travel Tuesdays: Florida Keys

I had such a great week!

Here's a little of what we've been up to in the Florida Keeeeys (sang in my Beach Boys voice)

Can ya tell I was a little excited?
I left the tag on the mask!

We took the boat to a reef called Sombrero
We saw so many amazing sea creatures!
And a few barracudas. Eek!

A LOT of fishing...
Doesn't everyone where a flower hat to go fishing?
Look familiar? ;)

Our friend caught a barracuda.
Not exactly what you want to catch before you go snorkeling.

A manatee in the canal behind our rental house!
I *love* her.
We decided, she's a girl.

Dinner at Islamorado Fish Company.
So. Good.
The sunset view, the tarpon fish feeding, live music, the man with twirling fire, the food, and a little shopping.
What more could you want in a restaurant in the Keys?

The Southernmost Point!

Sunset Pier in Key West.
You can see why it's named that.

Huge tree in Key West.

They even named a square after me in Key West!
So sweet of them! ;)
You are all allowed to visit my Square.
I'll let you. ;)

Adorable Toy Factory in Key West!
Really made me miss my little nieces.

We ate lunch at Kelly's which was formerly Pan America.

Ahh... before I got super sweaty for the rest of the day.

Key West was a blast.
Not sure what you do if you don't have a boat.
The beaches were teeny tiny.
I'm a Carolina girl so I'm not used to that.
But the water was beautiful & clear!

I will NOT be going back in July.
Holy moly!
It is HOT.
Might be better in the fall/spring?

My friend tipped me off to a shop in Key West. (Thanks Christina!)
A little shop called Kino Sandals.
They sell cheap leather sandals and are hand made in the shop.
It's hot as blue blazes in that store but I got my shoes!

Missing the Keys already!

Have you been? What was your favorite part?

ps- just want to throw it out there that my shirts are billowy because its hot. I'm not preggers even though some of my shirts kinda make me look like it. :(

OoOoooh I wanna take ya...

Ok I have a little confession.

It was really hard for me to blog last week.


I was...

(cue the cliché music)

Off the Florida Keeeeeys

Yeah... I took that picture. :)

It's ok.

Be a little jealous.

I'll have more to post soon!

Do ya have the Beach Boys stuck in your head now?

can. not. get. it. outta. my. head.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Nursery Print

My sweet friend is about to have a baby girl!
I'm so excited for them I had to make her something.
(In addition to something off her registry)

One of favorite movies in high school was:
Life is Beautiful
love. that. movie.
go see it now if you haven't already (in Italian)
sidenote: bring a box of tissues

Source: via Mallory on Pinterest

Oh yeah, so it's in Italian.
Well, one of the best lines is "Boungiorno Principessa"
Which means "Good Morning Princess"
Perfect for a little girl right?

So here's what I made for her:

And here it is framed:

Whatcha think? I hope she likes it!

You asked, I answered

I've been meaning to write this...
The question I get emailed/commented on the most is my master bathroom.
Particularly my mirror frame.
I guess I didn't give enough detail.

So here's the scoop y'all!
(you can catch up here & here & here)

We notched out little sections where the mirror clips are so that it would lay flat over top.
We used mounting tape to adhere the frame to the mirror.
This is the mounting tape we used:

If I was to do it over again, I might do it like this instead.
I just love how it turned out.
However, I feel our was much less work.
And I still love how mine looks.
Just throwing it out there...

Hope that helps! :)

Partying at: Strut Your Stuff ; Remodelaholic

Monday, July 11, 2011

Travel Tuesdays: Naples, Pompeii, & Almafi Coast

The other day someone asked me about Pompeii - and I remembered I never finished writing about my Mediterranean Cruise!!

Our cruise stopped in Naples, Italy and we did an excursion to
Pompeii & the Almafi Coast.
(side note: its a long bus ride)

So a friend asked me if I'd go to Pompeii again.
Well, I'm glad I went the first time.

But nah, I wouldn't go back again.
Because there are so many other things I would see again or check out.

I would DEFINITELY go back to Almafi Coast. Ah-mazing.

Here's what ya see /get on a Pompeii tour:

1. A history lesson. Which I enjoyed, if you are bored by history this is the wrong place for you!

2. Artifacts. It's pretty amazing all the things they found. Including dogs & people - iiiiccckkkk

3. Baths - Like the roman baths kinda baths

4. Brothels - OMG that place was SIN CITY! I'll tell ya what - the ruins aren't the only thing "erect" there. You won't believe what they have all over that town. Woah.

OK let's keep it PG here.

So here are my pics of Pompeii...

THEN my pics of Almafi Coast - probably the prettiest place I've ever been.

My hubby bought me a pretty cameo necklace here. Such a tourist trap but I really love the necklace and you can watch the artists make them right there.
Lunch anyone?
Growing lemons! Gorgeous LOTS of fun shopping!! Me & gelato. My other BFF. The view from the restaurant we ate at for Thanksgiving! (yeah we went over Thanksgiving so it was cool weather for site-seeing & a great deal on a cruise!)

Delish Italian food! Yummy manicotti!
Almafi Coast has

1. Un-real views!
2. Yummy food
3. Fun shopping - so many cute shops - bought lots of stuff there

4. Lemons growing off the side of the mountain
5. A little scary being on a large bus on a huge mountain
(might be bad if you get car sick)
6. Gorgeous houses
7. Beautiful water

Ok so now you see that I am totally biased.
I would love to go spend a week at the Almafi Coast.
But I know I'd be too scared to drive anywhere on those cliffs!

Hope that helps if you are picking an excursion!


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