Monday, July 11, 2011

Newbie Blogger? Listen up!

I am THRILLED to have my first guest blogger today! It's Allison from A Glimpse Inside! Please take a minute to check out her adorable blog and all her fun linky parties!

She is so sweet to share a few extremely helpful tips to new bloggers/anyone who likes to comment.

Please, please, PLEASE follow her directions if you aren't set up like this already! :)

Now heeeeeere's Allison (that was said in my Ed McMahon voice) -

I thought I would share a few blogging tips with you all today.
Some of you are new to blogging so this may be new to you and some of you have been doing it awhile so you've heard it all before but I still wanted to share.

I am no expert but I know my way around and if I didn't know something, I've looked it up to teach myself.

1.) No More "No Reply Comments"

I seriously hate when someone leaves a comment on my blog and when I go to reply to the email it say "No Reply" in the Send To box.

Some of you may not even realize that you do not have your email attached to your profile but I promise you will get so many more replies to any comment you leave on someone's blog.
Many bloggers like to reply to your emails and will not go search your blog to see if they can find an email address.

So here's the How-to on attaching your email to your profile:

1.) From Dashboard: Click on Edit Profile
2.) Then make sure where it says "Show my Email address" the little box next to it is checked.
3.)Then scroll down to "Identity" and add your Email Address.
4.) Then hit Save!

And you are
Too easy!

Now anyone can easily respond to your comments and contact you if you win a giveaway.

2.) Turn Off Word Verification

Seriously, TURN IT OFF! It is a pain.
There are MANY people that will NOT comment on a blog if they see that there is word verification so if you aren't getting many comments that could be a reason.

I always hate when I see it and I can't tell how many times I've left a comment and hit the comment button and then I leave the page as the page is reloading and the word verification pops up.

How-to Turn off Word Verification:

1.) Dashboard, Click on the settings tab
2.) Then click on the Comments tab.

3.) Scroll down until you see "Show Word Verification for Comments?"
Click No

4.) Save

Now some of you may ask, What about Spam?
You can do like I do and moderate every comment left and I am the one the Publishes them.
Blogger catches a lot of my spam and puts it in my spam comment folder so I just delete them.
And truthfully, I rarely get any spam so it isn't that big of a deal.

If you want to Moderate your comments, it's easy to set up.

1.) In the same Comment Tab, scroll until you see "Comment Moderation"
Then just click "Always."
2.) Save

3.) How to Add a Blog/Party Button to your Blog or Post

Some of you newer bloggers may have trouble with this one but it isn't as hard as it may seem.

Adding to Posts:
1.) Copy the html code for under the button
2.) Then to put it in a post, paste the code into your post from the "Edit Html" tab.
3.) Click back to "Compose" and bam- done!

Adding to Blog Sidebar:

1.) Dashboard- Click on the Design tab
2.) Then click Add a Gadget and choose the "Html/Javascript option

3.) Paste code and hit Save.

That's all the tips for today!
I hope this helps some of you out!


  1. These are great tips! I cannot *stand* No Reply Bloggers!!!! Why leave a comment at all????? They are so frustrating!

  2. Hey Mallory! Thanks for the link tip! I would just copy and paste their address and add it as a link because I couldn't figure out how to make it work using the html. Now I've got the knowledge thanks to you!

    Have a great day.



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