Saturday, July 9, 2011

Party on the Green!

Ahhh... I guess I'm a sucker for a shower!

We went to a fun wedding shower for a friend of the family this weekend. It gave me a little bridal shower fix.

It was a co-ed shower, so it had a little sumthing sumthing for the ladies and a little sumthing sumthing for the dudes.

So what did they do? A golf themed shower!

If you're thinking about a golf theme party... or just need some party food ideas... here's a few tips!

1. Golf ball centerpieces

2. Putting green

3. If you are in the south and having a party... you gotsta have a Chick-fil-a tray!

4. Rainbow of veggies

5. Rainbow of fruit

6. Perfectly fanned napkins

7. Yummmm

8. OMG Yummmmmmm

9. MmmmMmmm. Can you hear my stomach growling over there?

10. Oooohhh so pretty! Dessert table!

11. Don't mind the old man in the background - the young'ins are playing Wii Golf back there!

12. Invite a pro-golfer (isn't my niece just the cuuuutest?)

Hope you're having a great weekend too!!

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