Thursday, July 14, 2011

You asked, I answered

I've been meaning to write this...
The question I get emailed/commented on the most is my master bathroom.
Particularly my mirror frame.
I guess I didn't give enough detail.

So here's the scoop y'all!
(you can catch up here & here & here)

We notched out little sections where the mirror clips are so that it would lay flat over top.
We used mounting tape to adhere the frame to the mirror.
This is the mounting tape we used:

If I was to do it over again, I might do it like this instead.
I just love how it turned out.
However, I feel our was much less work.
And I still love how mine looks.
Just throwing it out there...

Hope that helps! :)

Partying at: Strut Your Stuff ; Remodelaholic


  1. Great ideas, glad you re-visited this project. I know yall are enjoying.

  2. I clicked through to see the before and after... wow! Love how new and pulled together it all looks :)



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