Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Glass Shower Cleaner (and CHEAP!)

Lately I've been on a "make your own cleaner" kick.
Which means I've probably been on Pinterest too long.

However, I've actually started to taking action!
Which isn't always the case.
AND I already had this stuff around my house - LOVE that!

So here's what I've done:

According to {Life Crafts & Whatever} there is a a great DIY "SOAP SCUM KILLA"

If you have a glass shower door.
You need this.
Mine usually looks like its "frosted."
It is not.
I like to tell myself it is at times to avoid cleaning.

Anywhoooo.... the recipe is on her blog but if you're too lazy here it is again:
  • It's equal parts Dawn (DISH soap - not hand soap) and hot Vinegar (nuke for 2 mins in microwave)
  • Put it in a squirt bottle
  • Spray on!
  • Leave on for a few hours! (my whole upstairs did smell like vinegar)
  • Then rinse off.

It really worked.

Mr. Mal-licious & I just stared for a while in shock.

I think he was shocked because I've been telling him it was frosted glass all these years. ;)

**Side note: Don't use your hair spritzer bottle - it can't handle the hot vinegar and will be deformed forever like mine!

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